Student Reviews

Gradon S.

Keith, I'm not sure where to start other than THANK YOU!!! I just did a range session and I was striking the ball better and more consistent than ever in my live. I'd say out of 100 balls, maybe 5 weren't great, but they were still okay. I'm about halfway through the A Swing and I implemented a few things from the book about body awareness. I've never felt this confident in my swing. Thank you!

Mailiis S.

My team is heading to the State Championship again this year. Great way to finish my high school career. Thanks for all you have done, wouldn’t be here without you!

Donald H.

Keith, Thanks to you I finished 2nd in my flight in the Golf Channel Tour! Off to England and Scotland for 10 days of golf. You have made golf fun again! Many Thanks.


Keith, I really appreciate your help, can't thank you enough! I went straight to driving range after I left you, to compare before and after from my club tryout last week to today. 7 iron, 25 yds+ with easier swing. 3 wood and driver possibly more, but much better striking and fade is gone. Good luck this spring. I will let you know how things progress once I get to Florida.

Rich B.

Keith, you have been a great help to me and a great teacher. My swing is feeling like it is totally in sync again! Thanks.