Force Plates / S 2M

With the advent of force plate technology for golf, the ability to track weight distribution throughout the swing and to monitor ground force pressure is now possible. This technology has been lacking from golf instruction until now!

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V1 Golf App

The V1 Golf app empowers golfers to be their best. Capture video and send swings to your golf instructor for golf swing analysis and video lessons. Have fun with our app on your own with advanced analysis and playback tools.

The Orange Peel

When you practice on the Orange Peel you will strengthen your legs and core. This will create more flexibility of motion. You will be able to pivot and rotate correctly on a level plane, adding consistency and power to your golf swing motion. When the Orange Peel is used with the Orange Whip Trainer, your entire body will achieve every benefit of a correct golf swing motion. You will be able to strengthen all your golf-specific muscles and train them to work as one explosive unit!


Launch Monitor

Ernest Sports has revolutionized the game with a tool for teaching professionals, club fitters, and serious golfers. The ES14 Pro launch monitor delivers critical data instantly & affordably. The unit offers a wide range of statistical information including club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate & distance. When combined with the free ES14 App, users have the ability to dig even deeper into their shot analysis with features such as audible feedback, club averages, and a skills challenge. Enhance your learning, teaching or club-fitting experience with the ES14 Pro from Ernest Sports.

Amazing Angle

Patented by Keith Haley, P.G.A., the Amazing Angle swing trainer allows the student to practice anywhere and anytime, correctly and efficiently habituating the positions and movements of a “physics compatible” golf swing! Call today to order this truly Amazing training aid!